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Welcome to the Adventure Loft

at Park City Mountain

Living Room

Come get comfortable  in the living room with plenty of space for your

group. The  gathering space has a spot for everyone to sit and enjoy a

relaxing evening in front of the fire or watching a movie.  

A few things to note in the living room:

  • The sofa pulls out to a queen size bed. If you will be using the sofa bed  let us know if advance and we will make sure fresh linens are put on the bed and blankets are within easy reach. If you decide to use the sofa bed at the last minute, you'll find the linens in the back side of the island cabinet.

  • The Television in the living room is a Roku TV. You'll find detailed operating instructions in the house guest book located on the coffee table.

  • There is a wood burning fireplace in the living room and although we know that nothing says mountain vacation like a warm crackling fire, we do ask guests to consider not burning a fire. Air quality is a real issue in the Salt Lake Valley and every year it creeps a little bit closer to Park City. There was no way for us to convert the fireplace to gas when we remodeled so it stayed. We do provide a starter set of fire wood and should you choose not to burn, we refund a portion of your cleaning fee to say thanks.

Park City Adventure Lodging Adventure Lo


Dinner is served, so is breakfast and lunch and snacks. We promise

you'll be thrilled with the kitchen and how well it is stocked to make dining

during your vacation as enjoyable as home...or better!

A few things to note in the kitchen:

  • The stove and cook top are electric and the cook-top is a smooth glass surface. Please use caution when cooking that you do not touch or place anything on the cook-top while it's still hot. 

  • You'll find just about anything you might need in the cupboards and drawers. We like to think  that nothing has been overlooked. You'll find  a blender, mixers and bowls of every size! Pots and pans and  enough serving dishes to feed a crowd. You'll even find parchment paper, tin foil and ziplocks for your convenience. There is a Keurig with pods, creamer and sugar to get you started for your first few mornings in town. 

  • The trash pulls out from the cabinet across from the stove and a recycle bag is tucked between the trash can and the cupboard. Feel free to use the recycle bag and our cleaning staff will put the bag into the recycle bin after your stay.

  • The over-sized island seats six and is a great place to share dinner or drinks while the sunsets over the mountain.

  • You'll also find a fresh roll of paper towels and a fresh sponge and plenty of dish soap when you arrive. Dish towels and clothes are located in the drawers.

Park City Adventure Lodging Adventure Lo


We are Proud to be an Official Purple Destination


Your stay is about to get even dreamier with PURPLE – enjoy a whole new level of

deep sleep and feel refreshed for your next adventure. As part of the PURPLE

experience our rooms feature PURPLE Hybrid Premier 3 mattresses for the best sleep

you’ve ever had on vacation. The PURPLE Hybrid Premier mattress provides “no pressure support” absorbing pressure and supporting your back’s natural alignment so you feel like you’re floating. You’ll sleeps cool all night with 2500+ open air channels that neutralize body heat to keep you at the optimal sleep temperature.


Each bed also features the New PURPLE Harmony pillows and the original PURPLE Plush pillows.  


  • The Harmony pillow is the only pillow with Purple Grid Hex technology, the Purple Harmony instantly adapts to your head and neck for personalized, premium comfort. Only the Purple® Harmony Pillow has continuous airflow through over 1500 open air channels in the Purple Grid™ Hex to help you keep a cool head through the night.


  • The plush pillow allows you to choose your perfect comfort zone by zipping or unzipping the adjustable extensions on either side of the pillow. The oh-so-huggable "smart fluff" rebounds with interlocking poly fiber balls technology which gives you more support and an all-night cuddly feel.


  • If you’re a die-hard feather pillow fan you will find multiple feather pillows and fresh pillow cases ready to be used in the closets of each bedroom and you’re welcome to use them for a great night sleep as well.


 The finishing touches of your best night sleep include sleeping on sheets as soft as a baby panda and as stretchy as a super hero! 


  • Sheets are super stretchy and crazy comfortable. That means you actually sink into your mattress rather than floating on top. Insanely breathable, so they don’t trap body heat. This means they help regulate your temperature so you’re never too hot or too cold. Made from bamboo-based material, few things in the world are as touchable and snuggable as Purple® Sheets. They’re so soft you can’t help but wrap yourself up in them and sigh contentedly.

                Due to changes in turn over procedures some stays may not include Purple Sheets but we do our best to make sure you enjoy the full experience

A few additional notes about our bedrooms:

  • The Sleep Great box is our gift to you. Please feel free to explore a great nights sleep

         and take the items with you to continue your sleep Adventure at home.

  • There are two bedrooms, one on the main floor with a king bed and a second sleep

        space in the loft with a queen bed and en-suite bathroom.

  • The loft bedroom in open to the space below and is accessed using the spiral stair case.

       This is a tighter space and not recommended for those with mobility issues. 

  • The lights and fans in both bedrooms are operated with push button remotes found at the entry of

        each room. You can also control the lights with the remote buttons found bedside in each room, no need to get out              of bed to turn off the lights!

  • There is a humidifier in the loft bathroom closet. If you use the humidifier please leave it out for the cleaning staff to disinfect it before returning it to the closet.

  • The vault window blinds are automated and controlled with a remote found next to the light and fan remotes in the loft. Simply select up or down and they return to their programmed location.

Adventure Cabin Park City Adventure Lodg



With two full bathrooms in the Adventure loft no one  will have

an excuse for missing first tracks in the morning and no one will

need to wait to freshen up before dinner.

A few things to note about the bathrooms:

  • The main floor bathroom for the unit in located closest to the

        living space and has plenty of room for getting ready each day.

       The bathroom has an adjustable timed heater to make sure you stay plenty warm while getting ready after a                   shower. You will find shampoo, conditioner and body wash provided. There is a blow dryer in the drawer as well as         feminine hygiene products if you're in a pinch.  Extra toilet paper is also located inside the cabinet.


  • Pool and hot tub towels are located in the cabinet under the sink in the main floor bathroom and in the loft bedroom cupboards.

  • The bathroom in the loft has extra space for getting ready and extra closet space for all your gear.The bathroom has an adjustable timed heater to make sure you stay plenty warm while getting ready after a shower.You'll find shampoo, conditioner and body wash provided. There is a blow dryer and flat iron in the drawers. Extra toilet paper is also located inside the cabinet. ​​

  • We provide an ample supply of bath towels, hand towels and wash clothes for your stay. We also provide high quality  La Fresh makeup remover wipes in all the bathrooms and we kindly ask that guest refrain from using the white towels to remove makeup. We hate tossing towels and hate charging for damaged items if our launder service is unable to save linens from makeup damage.

Park City Adventure Lodging Adventure Lo
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