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We are Proud to be an Official Purple Destination

Your stay is about to get even dreamier with

PURPLE – enjoy a whole new level of deep sleep and feel refreshed for your next adventure. 

As part of the PURPLE experience, our rooms feature PURPLE Hybrid

Premier 3 mattresses for the best sleep you’ve ever had on vacation. The

PURPLE Hybrid Premier mattress provides “no pressure support” absorbing

pressure and supporting your back’s natural alignment so you feel like you’re

floating. You’ll sleep cool all night with 2500+ open air channels that

neutralize body heat to keep you at the optimal sleep temperature.


Each bed also features the New PURPLE Harmony pillows and the original

PURPLE Plush pillows.  


  • The Harmony pillow is the only pillow with Purple Grid Hex technology,

the Purple Harmony instantly adapts to your head and neck for

personalized, premium comfort. Only the Purple® Harmony Pillow has

continuous airflow through over 1500 open-air channels in the Purple Grid™

Hex to help you keep a cool head through the night.

Purple 3 Hybrid Mattress Purple Destination
Adventure Cabin Park City Adventure Lodg
  • The plush pillow allows you to choose your perfect comfort zone by zipping or unzipping the adjustable extensions on either side of the pillow. The oh-so-huggable "smart fluff" rebounds with interlocking poly-fiber balls technology which gives you more support and an all-night cuddly feel.


  • If you’re a die-hard feather pillow fan you will find multiple feather pillows and fresh pillowcases ready to be used in the closets of each bedroom and you’re welcome to use them for a great night's sleep as well.

The finishing touches of your best night sleep include sleeping on sheets as soft as a

baby panda and as stretchy as a superhero! 


  • Sheets are super stretchy and crazy comfortable. That means you actually sink into your mattress rather than floating on top. Insanely breathable, so they don’t trap body heat. This means they help regulate your temperature so you’re never too hot or too cold. Made from bamboo-based material, few things in the world are as touchable and snuggable as Purple® Sheets. They’re so soft you can’t help but wrap yourself up in them and sigh contentedly.

Some stays may not include Purple Sheets but we do our best to make sure you enjoy the full experience


Get excited! We do everything we can to start your Sleep Adventure off right. Our guests enjoy a Sleep Great box that includes a fun squishy sample of the Purple Grid Hex material, a collapsible water bottle, luxury weighted sleep mask, earplugs, a sleep journal, and a sample pack of Olly Sleep Gummies; "These bedtime buddies boost your body's natural sleep hormone to help mellow your mind and calm your senses so you can relax and zzz.".  We invite you to explore the Sleep Great box on vacation and then take this gift back home with you to continue your Sleep Adventure.

Love your PURPLE sleep?  We’ll follow up your stay with a brief survey asking for feedback on your sleep experience. We would appreciate hearing your thoughts and incorporating your feedback. If you’re interested in adopting the PURPLE sleep experience for all your Adventures at home, be sure to text SKILOFT to 84888 to receive your exclusive discount.

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